Since 1998 Bryce Houstoun & Company (Holdings) Limited has been a member of a number of Business Angel Syndicates, leading the way in innovative solutions for early stage investment. We create high value businesses by identifying the right opportunities and combining these with knowledge, capital and expertise.
Our highly experienced team can provide practical support, mentoring and finance to ‘the right’ opportunities. From turnarounds and restructuring to advice and business disposals, our bespoke approach is based around your needs. We develop bespoke solutions because every situation is different, using common ground and our experience from many projects to fast track and gain traction quickly.
We have helped a diverse range of businesses in vastly different sectors but, and there's always a but the issues were very similar.
Our experience was founded in agricultural engineering, diversified into the motor trade and a spectrum of businesses including information technology.

The key skills are as follows:-

Cost Control 
Cost analysis and delivery of savings
Deal Makers
Making transactions happen
Evaluating and delivering difficult decisions
Improve the business performance

We don't have a magic wand but be assured we have the experience which can be substantiated by past and present clients who we have assisted in prominent roles and behind the scenes. Don't delay in getting in touch as time is often critical. By way of background the Bank Note above was signed by a direct ancestor Alexander Houstoun in 1750.

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