The Family Crest

King Malcolm gave Sir Hugh Houstoun a Scottish knighthood and better lands in Renwickshire. More importantly, the king gave permission for his rescuer to embellish and change his coat-of-arms. The simple escutcheon awarded by William the Conqueror, consisting of chequered chevrons (denoting nobility) and three ravens (strength and long life) was changed considerably. A winged hourglass was added above the shield and surmounting this, the motto, "In Tempore" (In Time). Greyhounds were placed at the sides to indicate the speed with which Sir Hugh came to the king's aid. Martlets, gentle Lowland birds symbolizing peace and deliverance, supplanted the ravens.

The Family Name


The name is territorial in origin, derived from an old barony of the name in Lanarkshire. Hugh de Padinan, who is believed to have lived in the twelfth century, was granted the lands of Kilpeter. By about the middle of the fourteenth century, these lands had become known as Huston. Sir Finlay de Hustone appears on the Ragman Roll swearing fealty to King Edward I of England in 1296. The castle of the de Hustones was built on the site of an ancient Cistercian abbey. The family also acquired a substantial barony near Whitburn, West Lothian, where Huston House, which was rebuilt in the eighteenth century, still stands today. Sir Patrick Hustone of that Ilk, who was probably the eleventh chief, married Agnes Campbell of Ardkinglas.

Project Houstoun

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The family bible dates back into the 1700's, Colonel Alexander Houstoun commissioned an undated version of the family history for his boys to take to war and in recent times Mary Houstoun (Edinburgh), Jim Houston (Auckland), Jim Houston (Fort Worth), Euan Houstoun (Guildford) and Helen Jackson (Toronto). Our database which is available to genuine genealogists is offline and has over 50,000 entries thanks to the focus and dedication of Fort Worth Jim for which the family will be eternally grateful.


We treat our data with great care and respect the privacy of our relations and ancestors, over 55,000 entries on our database have been compiled and we are happy to share the detail with genuinely interested parties, family and extended family. A link page is available but password protected please make contact with us if interested and we will furnish you with the relevant information.

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